Prospecto Group joins IAB to support the growth of the digital market in Bulgaria

Prospecto Group joins IAB to support the growth of the digital market in Bulgaria
Prospecto Group, the Sofia-based retail marketing company, is happy to announce that it has joined the IAB Bulgaria network. 

The move comes as yet another confirmation of the company`s ambition to strengthen it`s market-leading position with retail marketing platform
Among it`s clients in Bulgaria, the company counts many of the local and international retailers, such as LIDL, TMarket (Maxima Group), IKEA, Praktiker and many more. 
Joining IAB Bulgaria will allow the company to share best practices and further enhance the voice of the digital industry in Bulgaria.

While the local digital market is still in full development and sees double-digit growth YoY, the budgets for direct marketing with paper leaflets are still an important part of retailers` marketing mix. Prospecto Group is challenging the status quo by allowing retailers and brands to reach digital-savvy audience in a cost efficient way and eliminate waste as a result.
As more retailers discover the opportunities for mobile-to-store marketing offered by the digital technologies, the digital market will grow and all those involved in it will benefit.

Oggy Popov, founder and CEO of Prospecto Group: ''We are honored to join the IAB network, which plays an active role in the development of the online advertising ecosystem. Through its many events, masterclasses and industry discussions, IAB promotes the development of the digital sector and helps shape the regulatory environment as well. Prospecto Group belongs to that family by default and will actively participate in the future initiatives by investing time and resources. Being part of the IAB will help Prospecto Group to extend its reach and gain popularity among advertisers and clients in Bulgaria''.
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