TV2 announces partnership with

TV2 announces partnership with

TV2, the leading TV media company in Hungary, has announced the launch of, a website and mobile app which helps consumers save from their shopping. collects all offers and leaflets from retailers in different categories: Supermarkets, Electronics, Furniture, Home & Garden, Cosmetics, Sports, online shops and many more. Consumers can easily browse the offers, search for products, create shopping lists and plan their shopping. Leaflets can be clickable and consumers can click on the product to visit the partner store and purchase it. 

The idea behind the new service is that everyday life is not getting cheaper and website and mobile app makes it easier to spot interesting offers and save money. The app is currently available for Android devices and a release for IOS devices is expected soon.

One very important feature in the app is that it works based on location and shows users only the shops nearby their location. They can also enable push notifications and be informed when there are special offers in their favorite shops or from their favorite brands.

For retailers and brands, is a new marketing channel to reach consumers during their shopping orientation phase. For decades, retailers and brands have invested heavily in paper leaflets, but now many of them doubt the effectiveness of the paper leaflet. The high costs related to printing and distribution and the absolute lack of data about the actual results, are some of the factors that change the mind of retailers in recent years. solves this problem by enabling retailers to publish their offers in a quick and cost-efficient way. The platform charges retailers only when users open and view their offers, plus additionally for each click the users make to visit the online store of the retailer. In addition, it gives them full insights about the audience in an aggregated way, such as location, gender, age and more.

But the team behind has even more to offer. The advanced technology of the apps utilizes Geofencing, a location-based tracking solution, which counts how many users enter and exit each retail store in Hungary. Based on this data, retailers and brands can push location- or profile-based notifications to the smartphone of the consumers. Imagine walking by the supermarket and receiving a great 1+1 FREE offer from a favorite brand. Needless to say, for consumers this is a much more personalized experience compared to the mass marketing they have been receiving for decades in their mailbox. For retailers and brands, this is a great new opportunity to generate sales in the offline stores.

The team has already established contact with the main retail chains in the country. Very soon, the first marketing campaigns will begin, including a TV campaign within the channels of TV2, to create awareness for the website and mobile apps. One of the launching partners, who saw a great opportunity to work together with Prospecto, is the leading online shop Еxtreme Digital: ''Prospecto introduces a new channel for our promotional activities and the opportunity to reach consumers at the very moment they make their purchasing decisions.'' Nyitrai Kata, Marketing Team Lead at Extreme Digital. 

The partnership with TV2 will ensure continuous media presence of Prospecto and as a result, the platform will become a household brand among Hungarians. As a result, Prospecto will become an indispensable platform for both retailers and brands.

The founder and CEO of Prospecto Group, Oggy Popov, shares his vision: 'We are extremely happy to announce our partnership with TV2! Together, we will build as a household brand and help Hungarians to plan and save from their shopping. We enter the market in a moment when both retailers and brands are searching for ways to improve their marketing efforts and we are looking forward to working with them in the years to come.''
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